My few minutes of being star-struck.

My few minutes of being star-struck. Loved the humility and the humour Sheela amma brought to the stage. It was the fag end of a long day and I had been standing most of the day introducing business stalwarts, Dr. Shashi Tharoor and the likes. Then came the golden opportunity to moderate a discussion on being trendsetters in an all women panel. All three guests were spectacular in what they wanted to convey. Veena Gil about making choices of growth outside of comfort zones. Bincy Baby Ma’am about touching 15 million lives thorugh a very important sanitation area. And Sheela amma who was simply herself and open. She spoke about trying direction, producing films and now being a painter too. And therein lay the messages that all of us needed to hear – Just get out there and do something worthwhile with our lives that gives us true joy.