Writing on Linkedin

I have been watching a lot of people using LinkedIn over the last few weeks to express their thoughts or share personal stories.

Some writers stick to a style. I have a friend who writes about leadership through the lens of sports and specifically cricket. He has written some amazing posts that resonate.

There is an Influencer who writes in one or two sentences paras. Most of his posts are about encouraging people to be better storytellers, communicators.

Over last one month, I have also been experimenting. I wrote two articles – each less than a 5 minute read. I also wrote two posts.

Posts got more views (no surprise here). To open and read an article requires effort and unless the author is established and someone you really know, it might not work effectively. Posts are also what we have been slowly adjusted to – thanks to Facebook – we love scrolling randomly without making much connections.

To make the jump to write on Linkedin was a push from a hill edge – left on my own, I might have been happy to keep it on a fairly private blog.

Crafting a style and keeping at it is what will matter in the long-run. Figuring out your pitch and confidently singing the note is indeed difficult amongst the noise that is common to our times.

Have you made the jump yet to craft your story and presence on LinkedIn?