Storytelling and something that happened yesterday :)

I have always been a bookworm. Over the years like many people complain, life takes over and I started feeling the pressure of not being able to read as much as I loved to.

I also have a habit of buying books, starting to pore on them and then letting go midway…this does not apply to good fiction but a lot of the non-fiction I read.

Making lists of books I want to read and some reread happen so many times that I really wonder whether I am as good a reader as I profess to myself!

Inevitably when I am facilitating a session I will often mention books worthy of reference. This is a habit not practised in advance but something that is spontaneous and I am often surprised I recollected to mention a book at the right time!

My greatest regret when it comes to reading is not not having been able to complete reading a book but not being able to recollect quotes, phrases or even stories for the right occassions. I hear some people do this so effortlessly and I envy them.

Yesterday when I attended the introduction to Toastmasters club session which we are hoping to launch and sustain as part of eWIT’s initiatives, an idea struck that maybe being part of Toastmasters will help me with refining my storytelling abilities.

I have always admired the Toastmasters club and often thought of joining one. As they say, there is a time for everything..and maybe, now is the time.