Motivation is not extrinsic for long

Just like when we are learning something new it feels difficult, when we get a new experience we are excited. Over time, the skill becomes easy and the experience taken for granted.

Motivation is like that. A new benefit however shiny looses it’s sheen very soon. And not everyone gets excited by the same benefit at the same time. Take parents insurance coverage. Employees in their 40s realise its value often more than those in their 20s. However unless there is a real need its utility is often lesser than it seems.

Eventually these benefits have more show off value than actual meaning

To make motivation last, I believe individuals must connect their goals/dreams and values with the organisation ambitions, culture and needs.

For example if the organisation specialises in creating wealth for its customers, the employee must also feel the same joy in doing this. This connection to purpose is one of the pillars of engagement in the new context of work.

While a lot of people try to deny the role of money – I say that is a ‘hygiene’ factor. I do not think talented and confident people are always hunting for better deal in terms of money alone. They want autonomy and opportunity to master skills. Of course they must be paid justly. At the end of day people want to feel they are contributing for what they are being paid too