Listening to listen

A few days ago, my body signalled to me that I am trying to control a situation which did not need to. And, I am thankful to have realised it in the moment.

A very senior person in the organisation I consult in, seemed to be rambling and going tangential leading us to nowhere near the action and execution demanded by them and what I equally craved for.

A couple of times I tried interrupting them and getting them ‘back on track’. And then, my body clenched up – I could feel my heartbeat and internal temperature rising. I sensed my anger building up. I thankfully got a moment of sanity and was blessed with the elusive ‘pause’ all mindfulness practitioners talk about. And I let go.

I looked into their eyes, allowed them to take up their rightful space to be heard and to be listened to. I stilled my mind and listened and realised they just wanted someone to listen.

This insight has brought a new direction to my plans and how I can really add value.

Today I feel really grateful and I hope I can catch these precious moments many more times in my lifetime because I know then I can truly help.