Journey of Mentoring!

So in a span of three weeks, I am "Mentor" three times and making a proposal for a Mentoring programme too :). Mentors are often thought to be 'wise, old' and someone helping someone out. Yet, it is uncanny how much the mentor gains wisdom in the process of mentoring. There is so much opportunity to learn from the mentees and their lives and reflections.

All three projects I am part of are exciting and hopefully will touch many lives!

T-Team's Tribe of Mentors - This is a unique programme for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur. You enter with an idea and exit with a registered business. The programme entails lots of interaction with experts and my value addition is to help entrepreneurs in communication and influencing skills. Check out

Prayaana Mentor - Can you imagine having an audacious goal and achieving it? Prayaana is one daring outfit that has done this many times in the past and this time they announced a chance for many of us to partner and I grabbed that opportunity! Prayaana wants to bring back 2021 women to the workforce by 2021! They have a structured and well-intentioned plan to achieve this and I have just completed their TTT for Mentors. Lots more to do - watch the space!

eWIT's The Mentoring Hub - eWIT is a networking platform for women in IT/ITeS formed in Technopark in 2012 by a group of women professionals from various IT companies coming together to explore the gender dimensions in the workplace and support one another and grow together. Over the last few years we wanted to create more opportunities for professionals within the industry to be able to reach to seniors or more experienced professionals. The Mentoring Hub is an initiative to support techies who want guidance and/or a listening ear to resolve their obstacles or move towards their dreams and aspirations. The programme aspires to be a way for experienced folks to give back to society as well in their own unique way.