In the pre-pandemic (P.P. era?) recruitment world

In the pre-pandemic (P.P. era?) recruitment world, walk-ins were a staple diet of any organisation that had more than 15 requirements (maybe a sweeping generalisation). Walk-ins evolved of course to be called the same but act as scheduled back to back interviewing opportunities or enhancing the pipeline opportunities.

Some of the things my team created as best practise are below:

1. Checklists (venue checklists, stationary checklist, process checklist)
2. Interviewer debriefing prior to event (also overlaps in requirements so that we don't close the door on potential candidates for other requirements)
3. Registration process to ensure no candidate is missed and is waiting too long. (We used colour coded post-its to identify hours)
4. Make our process so efficient that we could attempt an intent to offer even if we couldn't offer due to business processes.
5. Candidate NPS
6. Post walk-in analysis and dashboards

Today, I saw a post announcing a virtual walk-in. For me it was a first and I am truly curious to see how it will work...
Have you seen the virtual walk-in in your network? What's different and what's remaining the same?