Oh yeah! It’s in two days! And I am excited.

I can’t be called a real film buff – I am not knowledgeable enough for that title :). Honestly, marriage made me discover two loves – cinema and chaats. A little gratitude to my dear husband for dragging me willingly into this world of movies.

I am an IFFK convert. It’s the third time we have registered. The first time was a washout because we were unprepared. Last year, was our second attempt and in four days I managed to watch 8 films. I felt pride. And more importantly I got hooked.

IFFK is a festival. The vibes and the aura are inspirational. Right from random conversations with fellow queue mates to tips on which movies not to miss. The planning of the day based on which theaters you need to reach and by when so that you get good seats. And watching other movie-goers. Really watching them!

The palpable bonhomie transports you to a Bohemian world and you wonder aloud why this magic happens only once a year.