I am ….

Too many times in our career we need to introduce ourselves. Writing down and practising the introduction in advance is very helpful and is often referred to as the ‘elevator pitch’.

Here are a few points to get you started:

1. Avoid starting with ‘Myself’. Always say with pride ‘Hi/Hello. I am …. (Full name if meeting is formal one. First name if it is a networking event or meet up)

2. Have a bit of mystery created about who you are

3.The intro should mention how you contribute to customers or the impact your work creates. You could use your strengths in an adverbial form.

4.If you find out who you are getting introduced to, get to know something common about you and them and add that in your intro.

5.Firm handshake, smile in your eyes and pride in your voice are musts.
Practise with a friend to be more confident.

6. Be curious about the person you are meeting and know what questions to ask them to learn about them more.