Dream Big!

It’s 2.5 years of a journey for me with eWIT Trivandrum and this year we have launched two ambitious projects. To confess, despite being the ‘big picture’ person I am, I did not believe in either of them initially. To my surprise, I realised I had become the cautious nay-sayer in the team and was thankfully often called out for my behaviour. 🙂

The team is a myriad of personalities. Each with our unique strengths and wisdom and idiosyncrasies. We love talking and giggling…and girl, when we are together we can be a bunch of teenagers.

This is a group of passionate voluntary members who form the governing body. eWIT is extra-curricular for all of us, but the amount of effort and love we put into our projects should really be commended. All the energy is self-driven by goals we set ourselves, so often these goals are lofty and hard to reach. Goals that push us beyond comfort zones.

As pointed earlier, the original thinkers in our group will come up with a wild idea. And a couple of us will wonder where they hide their mad hats. And the dreamers then paint the beautiful landscape the wild idea will lead us to. And the pragmatists do what they can to throw caution to the winds and pull in the reins of the gallopping horses.

But no matter how hard they try, the dreamers and original thinkers win. Because their passion is so vivid that it rubs off on everyone and gives each of us the goosebumps. “Wow! If that happens…” we all end up thinking, feeling and breathing the wild big dream.

Dear eWIT Team – this is my love letter to all of you – don’t change! Keep dreaming big and do the next right thing (credit Frozen2).