Do you need to be intentional about change?

Neuroscience confirms that human beings can continually change. Neuroscience also confirms that human beings can continually use old patterns of thinking and decision-making, unless they choose to change.

Why change?

We often feel our patterns of thinking or the way we are has served us till now, so why let go of the familiar and useful?

There is research that we fall into a pattern of thinking or behaving because it helps us ‘survive’. However, survival instincts are mostly counterproductive in the long run. Most survival instincts are rooted in fear and tends to tell us the opposite of that which is good for us. An example is becoming a masterful avoider of conflicts. The lie is that we can survive the corporate game/politics, avoiding situations that seem conflict-like. The truth is continuous avoiding of conflicts lessens our power making us a potential victim of the same corporate game!

A healthy dose of self awareness and environment awareness are two components of wanting to make a change. As we progress with life experiences, we have a duty to encourage others to grow and flourish as well.

In recent times, this seems more complicated than before. Culturally, organisations are undergoing massive changes and including multiple generations and multiple backgrounds while being conscious of our own biases seem chaotic. It means that we sometimes give up. We fall back on our survival biases to take us through life and feel upset that we are not impacting others sufficiently.

I truly believe that wanting to change or improve is not being ambitious – it is being human. Are you willing to take that chance?