Clubhouse - useful or dangerous?

What are some elements of a good conversation? Trust, Safety, Connection, Respect and Influence.

A recent medium touted to provide a space for conversations is Clubhouse. I know it's been available to iPhone users from a few months earlier. May 31st saw an influx of new members to Clubhouse, and I was one of them. You required an invite to enter and a phone number verification – this is probably to reduce ‘fake’ profiles, but am sure that is not much of an issue to those who want to misuse.

The initial two days, I meandered through the "Hallway", trying to figure out what was the purpose of one more social media tool and whether I really want to be on it. Some of the “Room” topics felt amusing and some shocking.

On the third day, I jumped in as a speaker when a friend who was a moderator in a HR "Room" invited me to. Since it was a quick introduction and experience sharing about NIPM (National Institute of Personnel Management), I spoke my two cents and, in a few minutes pressed "Leave Quietly". It was 11:30 pm and well past my bed-time 😊

(For those wondering why some of those words above are in quotes, well, they are the Clubhouse lingo.)

Within the fifth day, I got invited to be a co-moderator for the “Post Covid -WFH/WFO” conundrum. It was exciting to be a moderator and work with the other moderators (we used Whatsapp group) on deciding how to ensure maximum engagement of the audience as speakers as well. One lesson I learnt co-moderating, was that many of us are still using this as a Panel Discussion medium or a Q&A medium, which it can be. However, it has much more potential than just that.

I also read some articles of how Clubhouse is being used to spread misinformation and racism and I did see some Room names which were scary to even want to enter. In that respect, it is like any social medium – up for abuse or for good. It is tempting to spend hours tuning in and out like listening to radio stations.

The true potential of Clubhouse is if there is chance of debate and discussion like a real conversation without over the top sticking to individual’s version of truth, and like Daniel Kahneman says “find joy in being wrong”. In the world we live in everyone has an opinion, are you open to listening to others and changing yours?