The Vowels Model

During a discussion or meeting, have you struggled to get your point across succinctly and quickly? Here's a model you can use to quickly get your thoughts together and present them. It's called A-E-I-O-U.

Acknowledge the issue/problem
(eg: Our customers are angry with our quality)
(eg: I know you are frustrated with our lack of progress)

Express your interest or feelings
(eg: I have an idea/ I feel we can do something about this.)
(eg: I am also upset by the stand-off)

Identify the way forward
(eg: From the data it is clear that the quality issues are stemming from Point C)
(eg: I would like us all to be clear about the expectations and role and responsibilities to ensure we deliver the project on time)

Outline the result - negatives and positives
(eg: Let us make sure that Point C is adequately checked/resourced)
(eg: Delivery of the project on time will be the primary expectation from our stakeholders. If we do not deliver on time, the reputation of the organisation is at stake)

Understand the impact
(eg: We need to ensure our customers are told about this and they are happy with the changes. How do you think this will work?)
(eg. Does clarifying the Roles work for your team as well?)