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Aditi Radhakrishnan
(Founder and CEO)

Over two decades of her HR and Senior Management experience, Aditi Radhakrishnan has gained insights and knowledge on leadership, culture, process and continuous improvement. She believes in making companies and people achieve their potential and utilises her coaching skills to influence change. She is an active member of eWIT (Governing Body member), Yi, NIPM and ICF.

She believes in the power of connections to learn more about the world and people. Having played a Senior Management role in a UK-based MNC and leading their HR function through many changes to capitalise on opportunities of growth, Aditi has been passionate about digitisation and best practices along with engagement and building purpose. Her prior work experiences have allowed her numerous travel and networking opportunities. Her education has been primarily in Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Palakkad and Delhi.

From the beginning of 2018, Aditi has been associated with various organisations enabling HR effectiveness and coaching leaders at various levels. She also runs a franchise of Storytrails, an organisation that provides experiential tourism.

What We Do


Coaching individuals through change or creating a vision for their development has supported organisations to tap into their potential and showcase investment in career planning. One of our greatest achievements so far has been the opportunity to work with over 100 women leaders at varied career levels and backgrounds to support their aspirations and build their confidence.

We have worked with CxO leaders as well. We have four different coaching solutions: Alpha, Bullet for individuals and Catapult, Delta for organisations. The solutions provide a choice for the clients to engage Mitara for specific needs.


Small and Medium Enterprises looking to build their HR team or going through massive changes have engaged Mitara on a retainer basis until their internal HR team is adequately equipped.

Typical engagement over a year include building HR processes, creating a systemic view of the organization's needs, supporting communication of policies and changes, and coaching in handling grievances or conflicts.


As a premium HR Consulting service, we engage with various organizations to review HR products and processes like Hiring and Learning Interventions. We have been instrumental in creating alignment of Small and Medium Enterprises’ organizational policies and HR policy formulation with regulatory requirements, internal cultural needs.

The work scope has included compensation surveys and review processes, setting up performance management and or talent systems mostly on project basis. In certain cases organisation design and development interventions have been the focus.


We provide specialized solutions for building leadership capability after understanding the context of the organisation. For start-ups or mid-sized organisations, the leadership workshops are facilitated to address specific organizational growth needs. MNCs have engaged Mitara for enhancing their talent initiatives, programmes and to coach high potential leaders.

How We Work

Specified outcomes agreed upon with the client organisation

We deliver specified outcomes as per the requirement of the client organization. This involves working with the management for establishing basic objectives related to cost, quality and deliverables and then working with the HR or enabling team to implement the solution. Program management and communications are part of the solutions provided.

Typically for organisations still building their HR team capability

These are suitable for those organizations that are building their HR team capabilities. Mitara will engage with the team on a time bound (weekly/monthly) consulting that helps to provide strategic value to businesses through process improvements, cost savings, and coaching the HR or support team.

One to one or organisation wide for leadership interventions

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership. We all have goals we want to reach, challenges we’re striving to overcome and times when we feel stuck.

Partnering with a coach can change your life, setting you on a path to greater personal and professional fulfillment. Utilize Alpha/Bullet/- Catapult/Delta coaching solutions or speak to us to customize for your needs. Individuals are welcome to engage Mitara directly or through their organizations.

Facilitating of workshops to enable leadership to team and engage better.

There are six different levels of leadership. Coaching provides one-to-one support and leadership training interventions emphasize on self-awareness and human dynamics. They help leaders address real-life issues through experience-based learning. Mitara also provides post-program support to participants in organizations. We have also delivered sessions at eWIT, NIPM, Yi, NASSCOM, and colleges.

Who we Work With

What Do They Have To Say About US



Aditi has a talent for putting people at ease, coupled with her top of the line training and experience as a coach, leads to incredibly insightful conversations. I have learnt a lot more about myself in the few hours that I have spent under her coaching than entire years of my life. By providing timely, gentle nudges she draws from us a clarity of vision and inspires focused energy that benefits immensely, personally and professionally.



A pleasure to write this recommendation for Aditi. Known Aditi for over half a decade and she stands out as an exemplary professional with deep understanding of HR processes, organisational development, talent management and leadership. Aditi helped us in defining some of our product features, improving operational effectiveness and mentoring the internal team. I would recommend Aditi as a CXO coach, result oriented consultant and a great mentor for the team. Best wishes!

Debashish Chatterjee

HR Vice President, SPX FLOW,inc.

We had invited Ms. Aditi Radhakrishnan to guide and coach the HR team of SPX Flow APAC on certain specific projects.  In Asia Pacific we have operations across India, China, Singapore, Thailand, ANZ, Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

As is the case with many contemporary HR teams in todays business, while the team in SPX Flow were much attuned to the business partnering and regular operational business solutions providing, we needed support to design certain programs that could be implemented across various countries and the region. Taking guidance from the Corporate COE programs and fine tuning them to the regional eco system was the ask. Aditi helped us in this effort and acted as a Mentor to Talent Management and L&D teams for knowledge enhancement and effective execution of different initiatives.

Aditi’s guidance to the team was extremely valuable and well regarded. I am looking forward to opportunities to engage with her counsel as soon as we could. Its been a pleasure to work with her. She has been a friend, professional inspiration and someone I personally look up to over the last 2 decades.



Since working with Mitara Consulting Services for a year, I’ve created a focused approach to my efforts as a CEO. I have also been clearer about the vision I have for my organisation and how to communicate it not just internally but to my clients as well. It took some creative coaching to see all the opportunities out there.

Tina James

CEO, Revyrie Global

I have had the pleasure of working with Mitara Consulting Services for over a year. Aditi is a high energy individual with a warm personality who has become a key player in our team, both as a HR consultant and a leadership development coach. Mitara has had a major influence on shaping the HR policies at Revyrie Global and also mentoring emerging leaders which resulted in immediate positive outcomes within the team.

Arunnima B S

Principal Product Manager & MAAP Regional Lead, Finastra

Women@Finastra India network engaged Mitara Consulting for a leadership coaching program exclusively for 60 highly potential women employees from Trivandrum, Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai. The four-month long leadership coaching program started with a psychometric assessment in association with Mercer-Mettl to identify the key strengths and areas of improvement of the participants. The assessment was followed by two personalized 1-on-1 coaching sessions to create a personal brand and roadmap for our leadership journey.

Ms. Aditi Radhakrishnan led the program with a deep understanding of each participants strengths and vulnerabilities. She provided us with the much-needed guidance and offered the right tools and techniques to redefine our future. All the participants gave us excellent feedback about their experience and interactions with her since the start of the program. Aditi is a very warm person who puts everyone at ease, clearly helped us create a vision and the steps to take to attain that vision, thereby making the coaching an enjoyable experience for the participants. Huge thanks to Aditi and the entire Mitara team to set a personal vision and goal-oriented forward-looking path.

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