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Aditi RadhaKrishnan
(Founder and CEO)

Over two decades of her HR and Senior Management experience, Aditi Radhakrishnan has gained insights and knowledge on leadership, culture, process and continuous improvement. She believes in making companies and people achieve their potential and utilises her coaching skills to influence change. She is an active member of eWIT (Governing Body member), Yi, NIPM and ICF. She believes in the power of connections to learn more about the world and people. Having played a Senior Management role in a UK-based MNC and leading their HR function through many changes to capitalise on opportunities of growth, Aditi has been passionate about digitisation and best practices along with engagement and building purpose. Her prior work experiences have allowed her numerous travel and networking opportunities. Her education has been primarily in Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Palakkad and Delhi.
From the beginning of 2018, Aditi has been associated with various organisations and individuals enabling HR efficiency and effectiveness as well as supporting individuals in their development. She also runs a franchise of Storytrails, an organisation that provides experiential tourism.

What We Do

We are all different for a reason and we need to tap into those that make people good.
Lets look into our services


We are engaged in various organisations to review HR products and processes such Hiring and Learning Interventions. We have people who has been instrumental in creating alignment of SME organisational policies with regulatory requirements as well as internal cultural requirements.


We can provide specialised solutions for leadership capability and running workshops to address specific organisational growth needs. MNCs have also engaged Mitara towards running L&D programmes towards Talent initiatives.


SME organisations looking to build their HR team have the opportunity to work with Mitara on a Retainer basis till their team is adequately equipped. Building HR processes, creating a systemic view of the organisation needs and coaching in handling grievances or conflicts are often the areas that SME organisations look to utilise.


Individual and Organisational agreements for coaching have yielded in improved tapping into individuals' potential, career planning and confidence building.

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